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The Best Goggle Lens for You?

Goggle lenses come in a variety of different colours, and as tempting as it can be to choose your lens based on your favourite colour, or which matches your outfit the most (we know we are guilty of this!), there are actually some important factors that need to be considered when buying your goggles.

The most important being; which colour lens is the best for the conditions I am going to be facing?

Different coloured lenses cater to particular light and weather conditions, so whether you’ve got on your goggles that are red or yellow, blue or black, you could be seeing your surroundings completely differently.

In order to guarantee a fun (and safe!) day out in the mountains, it is useful to take into account the different choices of colours and what they can do for your vision.

So, that being said, what is the best goggle lens colour for your upcoming trip?

Clear Lenses

If you’re headed out for some night skiing, these are the goggles for you. Transparent lenses don’t block out any incoming light, so they allow you to see in the lowest light conditions, while still protecting you from the harsh elements like wind and rain.

Light Pink Lenses 

Similarly to clear goggle lenses, light pink or rose coloured lenses don’t tend to block out very much light, so they can be useful in low light conditions on overcast days. These may also be your go-to choice you’re heading up the mountain for some sunset skiing.

Yellow or Orange Lenses

Wanting to head out for some skiing, but worried about the flat light? Yellow goggles may be the optimal choice for you. These lenses are number 1 when it comes to details. By reflecting the snow’s brightness, they allow you to see even in the most challenging conditions. They may also be your lens of choice if you are a keen mogul skier!

Green or Blue Lenses

 Green or Blue lenses are a great choice if the light conditions are brighter than usual, as they work effectively at blocking out light, while reducing any glare from the sun. With their ability to increase contrast, they can also be worn on cloudy days so these goggle lenses make for good all-round skiing.

Black Lenses

Has that blue bird day finally arrived? Then get out your best pair of black-lens goggles. Any dark lenses, such as black or dark grey, are ideal for blocking out bright light, allowing you to enjoy the sunny weather without having to worry about the sun impairing your vision.

Whichever lens colour it is you end up going with in preparation for your upcoming ski or snowboard holiday, just remember that the most important thing is to enjoy yourself!