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Rikard Lund

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Laura Heath

I love to share and spread my excitement and passion of skiing/snowboarding with others. To see people achieve a new skill that allows them to explore the mountains in a new way is truly rewarding.

Álvaro Baquero Benedetti

"I love teaching and sharing my passion for this sport"

Charlie ‘Freestyle’ Beach

"I love teaching so much as it allows me to share the thing I love to do the most with so many other people."

Post Image Jack Hall

Jack Hall

The best feedback I’ve ever had was being told by a 62 year old that I had given them a passion for skiing again which they thought they had lost forever.

Alice Baggs

"I love the opportunity to work outdoors with a wide variety of people each with their own different skiing goals and experiences."

Harry Steel

"It is such an amazing opportunity to share this great sport with so many different people of all ages and from all around the world. My work is my passion."

Jon West

Jon is a fully qualified British, French and Swiss ski coach ad has been living in Verbier over 10 years...

Nessy Rayner

Nessy has been skiing in Verbier for a many years and knows the best spots to help clients to reach the next level.