Adult Group Ski Lessons - Altitude Ski and Snowboard School in Verbier

Adult Group Ski and Snowboard Lessons in Verbier

Altitude offer adult group lessons every week of the season. It’s a great way to improve, have fun and meet other skiers or snowboarders with a similar ability level.



We will never cancel your group when your place has been confirmed, but if you are the only one for your level we will reduce the running time of the lessons each day.
For Skiers and Snowboarders from 16 years old.

Adult Group Lessons Level 1 to 7

Our adult groups run every week of the season, starting on a Sunday or Monday, and although we usually have a 3 half-day minimum booking, it is possible to join from as little as just one day if we already have your level running. Whether you’re on your first ski holiday, looking to boost yourself off that ‘intermediate plateau’ or looking for advanced lessons to fine tune your technique,  our groups are a great way to meet like-minded people of a similar ability level.



LengthPer personPeak Weeks
3 Half DaysCHF 315.-N/A.-Booking
4 or 5 Half DaysCHF 400.-N/A.-Booking
6 Half DaysCHF 465.-N/A.-Booking
7 Half DaysCHF 525.-N/A.-Booking

Peak Week Dates: N/A

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