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Ski and Snowboard Level Guide

The more we know about your ability level, the more we know about you & the better fit your instructor can be. If you’re a level 5 but nervous or perhaps a level 2 and a dare devil, let us know. If you’re joining a group lesson, levels are important. We want to be sure you won’t be pushed beyond your comfort zone, nor waiting to be challenged. Please feel free to give us a call if you’d like some advice on selecting the best level for you.

Ski And Snowboard ability levels

LEVEL 1 > Complete Beginners

No skiing or snowboarding experience is required. Don’t worry, everyone has to start at the beginning.

LEVEL 2 > Intermediate beginners

Be able to use the magic carpet and handle tow on the nursery slopes, some control of speed and direction.

LEVEL 3 > Advanced beginners

Ride all lifts on the nursery and easy slopes, be able to control speed using turns.

LEVEL 4 > Intermediate

Confident on blue runs, turning comfortably. Skiers should have their skis parallel some of the time. Snowboarders should be confident on both heel and toe side turns.

LEVEL 5 > Intermediate Advanced

Confident on red runs when conditions are good. Feel challenged by ice, moguls or deep snow.

LEVEL 6 > Advanced

Confident with red runs in all conditions, get down most black runs. Looking to improve in moguls, off-piste or carving.

LEVEL 7 > Expert

Confident on blacks and be able to safely get down itinerary routes. Working on improving skills and speed in carving, moguls or powder or be waiting to improve jumps and tricks in the freestyle park.

It's easy to book online

Altitude’s ski instructors provide high quality lessons, however we are also very proud of our year round booking team always making sure our customer receive the best service.

You can book your lessons anytime of the year on the phone, by email or use our online booking system or alternatively on arrival in resort.

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